Live Longer by Fasting 2 Times Per Week?

There are many approaches to intermittent fasting, but a recent BBC Documentary on intermittent fasting covered the 5/2 diet. The idea is that you eat normally for 5 days…and 2 days per week you only eat one meal of 600 calories. Here’s the full documentary.


This really isn’t news to many people who are familiar with intermittent fasting.  The 5/2 diet is basically a version of “Eat Stop Eat” which Brad Pilon wrote some 6 years ago.

Right before Eat Stop Eat was created a book about Intermittent Fasting came out called “The Warrior Diet”.

Here’s a brief overview I found about both diets:

Eat Stop Eat vs The Warrior Diet

Also…the documentary above mainly talks about the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting. I dug up some tweets about the weight loss benefits and listed those below.





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