Carb Back-loading and Intermittent Fasting

If you are someone who trains after work and before dinner, this is a killer way to get lean. In fact, if my gym wasn’t so crowded at 5:30pm, this is the approach I would follow. I reached 5% body fat quite a few years back using carb back-loading, but there wasn’t really a term for it back then.

A brief explanation of carb back-loading.

  • Only protein and veggies during the day (low to zero carbs)
  • Train in the afternoon.
  • Save most of your carbs for after training.

The reason this works is that your muscles soak up all the carbs because they are depleted of glycogen after working out. So none of those carbs get deposited as fat. It works extremely well.

Respected trainer Sean Hyson put out a short 1:45 minute video showing a typical day of carb back-loading.

To use this method with intermittent fasting, you would simply not eat at all until after your workout in the afternoon. You would do this 1-2 times per week…and the rest of the week do it exactly how Sean has it layed out.

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